Our Mission

Greetings! Our mission statement at Keep the Faith Always is to teach the Word of God as it is taught in the Old Testament and the New Testament in the Holy Bible. We welcome all denominations as we worship our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We are Christians, Followers of Jesus Christ, our personal Lord and Savior. We do not have a religion, for that is of man. We have a Faith in God.

It is the goal of Keep the Faith Always to deliver God’s Word to the four corners of the world, paving the way for the return of Jesus Christ. It is our desire to help any established missionaries or churches spread the Gospel, the Good News of eternal salvation.

Our Christian Mission is in three phases:

  • To help a child of God to KNOW that God exists.
  • To TEACH that child of God the Holy Word that was taught.
  • Finally, to help that child of God to WALK the talk.


Our KTFA Staff are ready and willing to help any child of God to have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. If you have any questions about our FAITH please know that we have the willing hearts to guide you in His teachings.