About Our Forum

about-our-forum-inner1Keep The Faith Always was established to teach the Word of God to all of His creation. It is our mission to teach His Word to the four corners of the world. It is our desire to help missionaries around the world to keep this concept alive. It is our end goal to bring people to the eternal salvation that Jesus Christ offers us by His sacrifice on the cross. This is the knowledge and understanding that we want to convey to all human beings. That we are not alone… because the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father seek our attention. This Trinity knows us well and it is important that we understand this. There is comfort in the Agape Love of God… Amen Amen Amen.

The above is the foundation of our website and the following is the reason why our forum was established:

From the land where the four rivers met to create the Garden of Eden where man and woman destroyed the Tree of Life, we feel a call of duty to be stewards of a financial blessing that is coming from that area. As the Three Wise Men traveled a great distance and time to follow a star leading them to baby Jesus they were stewards of that great wealth. Three of the most powerful Blue Chip Stocks of Frankincense… Myrrh and Gold were presented to Mary and Joseph so that baby Jesus could accomplish His mission in the 33 years of His life. We feel that the end times are much closer, than much further away. As Christians we feel a responsibility to be the proper stewards of this financial blessing. It is for this reason that we study the activities of this area. For over two thousand years the Middle East has rejected Jesus Christ. May Keep The Faith Always teach that our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit rejects no one.

We invite you to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We also invite you to ask questions. Contact me or any of our KTFA Staff members and we will spend time with you to answer your questions. Jesus Christ came to save us and to ask us to simply love each other. We would love to teach you God’s Word.

God bless you. Our Christian love to all of you.