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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
my faience3December 27, 2022Details
Healing prayers please!3December 23, 2022Details
Alice my mother3December 22, 2022Details
my brother Jeff3December 22, 2022Details
Grandson13April 12, 2022Details
Keep Childhoid home-No Sheriff sale11April 4, 2022Details
My son Chris11February 24, 2022Details
Spouse Rededication8February 11, 2022Details
My beautiful daughter13January 13, 2022Details
I understand Gods plan for my life9December 15, 2021Details
Husbands health8October 5, 2021Details
Prayers for Frank!14September 27, 2021Details
Family Illness6September 21, 2021Details
Healing Prayers For Husband Bobby13September 4, 2021Details
Family Illness7August 27, 2021Details
Alcohol issue6August 26, 2021Details
Prayers for Bill9July 16, 2021Details
For Frank and Jan24July 16, 2021Details
Family Restoration13May 13, 2021Details
Healing11May 12, 2021Details

my faience

Tim Law
just diagnoised with stage 4 liver and lung cancer. .please God.

Healing prayers please!

Lkosi0 anon
Family, please pray for my mom and my 1 year old grandson, both are very sick with this flu virus going around. Please pray for healing. Thank you!

Alice my mother

Barbara Vaughn
hip replacement surgery #2 first surgery went very wrong.

my brother Jeff

Barbara Vaughn
Healing tongue cancer


Pray the Lord Opens my daughters eyes and lets me see my grandson. Amen

Keep Childhoid home-No Sheriff sale

Sue B
Prayers for Frank,WS & all suffering & needing miracles. Please also keep me in your prayers. Please prsy in agreement that i can keep my childhood ? home. Sheriff sale scheduled May 9th

My son Chris

Cathy (caramo) Moore
My ex-husband called me today and told me that our son, who is almost 39 is drinking heavily and knows the he should not. He id drinking and driving. Please pray the he will get help and stop drinking. He has finally met a woman that he is crazy about, but she doesn't like his drinking. It is so sad. I just pray that he gets help. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Spouse Rededication

Kindly pray for my husband Jesse. He lies to me and has difficulty communicating. Would like for the Lord to give him a change of heart. Also praying for him to dedicate his life to the Lord. Thank you very much.

My beautiful daughter

Jojo Llewellyn
Please help lift my daughter Danielle up through her mental health struggles. Thank you ????????????????

I understand Gods plan for my life

Eddie Ybarra
Hello Prayer Family I am pretty much homeless and dont have a place to live and very little food to eat. Obviously God has plans for me and I know and believe he is so Faithful. Would you please keep me in your prayers to find a room and the finances to help pay for it! I am literally living out of my car as of this morning and seeking and asking for Gods Favor Thank You All so much as I ask God to Bless All of you as well! Eddie


Dear Family, Where two or more are gathered in agreement, God is in our midst. Please pray in agreement with me that Our Lord God Almighty- Father, Son & Holy Spirit will bring about a successful stop to a Sheriff Sale scheduled for my childhood home on October 25th 2021.. Without getting into detail- it was ALL fraud & I pray that God's hand will move mightily to stop this! Amen Thank you all and God Bless!

Husbands health

Donna Husenitza
My husband, of 38yrs, went through pancreas Whipple surgery in 2015, benign mass. He became diabetic 1 yr later. He is now having a small pain, lasting 2 minutes, followed by 2 days of fever that started happening every 4 months but now happens twice a month. He has an endoscopy/colonoscopy on 10/25 and God only knows what they will find. Asking for healing prayers and zero cancer. Thank you.

Prayers for Frank!

David Grimsrud
I don't pray enough, but want to make sure Frank and my Fiancee are changing that! Prayers for you sir!

Family Illness

Rochelle Little
My son-in-law has been rushed to the hospital. He was not breathing. The Medics revived him and transported him to the hospital. He has stage 4 liver cancer that has spread to his lungs. Pray for my daughter as she is not stronng.

Healing Prayers For Husband Bobby

LittleLion BigHeart
Please pray for my husband Bobby's complete healing and for him to be released from the hospital to return home soon. Thank you for your prayers! God bless you all!

Family Illness

Rochelle Little
My son-in-law has 4 stage liver cancer. Diagnosed almost 5 weeks ago and received no treatment. Also my 90 yr old has Covid and is not doing well at all.

Alcohol issue

Please join us in prayer for our son Eric. After 2 1/2 years of sobriety he has started drinking again and is spiraling downhill quickly. We ask that our Lord and Savior would drive out the demons that are haunting him and that he would never consider alcohol again as a means of comfort. May the Lord touch his heart and his mind this very evening

Prayers for Bill

Bill Poremba
Prayers for starting a new treatment, that will WORK

For Frank and Jan

Bill Poremba
Prayers all that we can give them. For being there for us!

Family Restoration

1)Restoration for my family-my three adult children do not speak to one another- please pray for a miracle of restoration; 2) some of my family got the C19 shot. 🙁 Please pray that "no weapon formed against them, my grandchildren or me shall prosper." Thank you so very much.


Jeannie anon
Please stand with me in prayer for complete healing from a July 2020 diagnoses of Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma (non small lung cancer) and March 2021 diagnoses of Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer). By Yeshua (Jesus) stripes I am healed and made whole. Glory & Honor to you Father Yahweh for you are faithful & true to all that you promise. In Yeshua's Holy name I pray, amen & amen!
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It is good to be in constant prayer rather than in constant worry. Open your heart and talk directly to God because that act alone is a special gift.

Philippians 4:6-7

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.