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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Grandson4April 12, 2022Details
Keep Childhoid home-No Sheriff sale3April 4, 2022Details
My son Chris6February 24, 2022Details
Help FRANK 17February 22, 2022Details
Spouse Rededication6February 11, 2022Details
My beautiful daughter11January 13, 2022Details
I understand Gods plan for my life7December 15, 2021Details
Husbands health7October 5, 2021Details
Prayers for Frank!13September 27, 2021Details
Family Illness5September 21, 2021Details
Need a Place to live4September 21, 2021Details
Healing Prayers For Husband Bobby10September 4, 2021Details
Family Illness5August 27, 2021Details
Alcohol issue4August 26, 2021Details
Prayers for Bill6July 16, 2021Details
For Frank and Jan21July 16, 2021Details
Family Restoration11May 13, 2021Details
Healing9May 12, 2021Details
I need god to help me14December 21, 2020Details
Prayers for Shane 11December 16, 2020Details
Grieving10December 12, 2020Details
Healing Jay Stovall5December 11, 2020Details
Confused sexuality 18December 2, 2020Details
Doris Pina/Doripineapple has passed15October 9, 2020Details
Strength3August 10, 2020Details
Classes Begin8August 8, 2020Details
Sister in law9August 2, 2020Details
Prayer for Anxiety13July 30, 2020Details
Server pain in right arm 6July 22, 2020Details
SIS-IN-LAW11July 10, 2020Details
Prayer for bad Thyroid issues and an autoimmune disease 8June 29, 2020Details
Need prayers 16June 20, 2020Details
Divine Direction6June 18, 2020Details
Wisdom13June 8, 2020Details
God have Mercy on the City of Minneapolis8May 28, 2020Details
Prayer for Daughter13May 27, 2020Details
Diagnosis 20May 20, 2020Details
Healing from 2 strokes for my husband10April 12, 2020Details
breathing 8April 8, 2020Details
son fever11March 29, 2020Details
My Son Chris9March 24, 2020Details
Protection10March 17, 2020Details
Healing11March 13, 2020Details
for my granddaughter Elizabeth16March 7, 2020Details
Prayer for Healing & Direction7March 2, 2020Details
Desperately need To Hear God's Voice for DIRECTION9February 10, 2020Details
For our marriage 22January 23, 2020Details
rectol cancer16January 14, 2020Details


Pray the Lord Opens my daughters eyes and lets me see my grandson. Amen

Keep Childhoid home-No Sheriff sale

Sue B
Prayers for Frank,WS & all suffering & needing miracles. Please also keep me in your prayers. Please prsy in agreement that i can keep my childhood ? home. Sheriff sale scheduled May 9th

My son Chris

Cathy (caramo) Moore
My ex-husband called me today and told me that our son, who is almost 39 is drinking heavily and knows the he should not. He id drinking and driving. Please pray the he will get help and stop drinking. He has finally met a woman that he is crazy about, but she doesn't like his drinking. It is so sad. I just pray that he gets help. Thank you for all of your prayers.


Donald Jones
Frank get some Moringa Extract Kills cancer cells Thank you and GOD BLESS

Spouse Rededication

Kindly pray for my husband Jesse. He lies to me and has difficulty communicating. Would like for the Lord to give him a change of heart. Also praying for him to dedicate his life to the Lord. Thank you very much.

My beautiful daughter

Jojo Llewellyn
Please help lift my daughter Danielle up through her mental health struggles. Thank you ????????????????

I understand Gods plan for my life

Eddie Ybarra
Hello Prayer Family I am pretty much homeless and dont have a place to live and very little food to eat. Obviously God has plans for me and I know and believe he is so Faithful. Would you please keep me in your prayers to find a room and the finances to help pay for it! I am literally living out of my car as of this morning and seeking and asking for Gods Favor Thank You All so much as I ask God to Bless All of you as well! Eddie


Dear Family, Where two or more are gathered in agreement, God is in our midst. Please pray in agreement with me that Our Lord God Almighty- Father, Son & Holy Spirit will bring about a successful stop to a Sheriff Sale scheduled for my childhood home on October 25th 2021.. Without getting into detail- it was ALL fraud & I pray that God's hand will move mightily to stop this! Amen Thank you all and God Bless!

Husbands health

Donna Husenitza
My husband, of 38yrs, went through pancreas Whipple surgery in 2015, benign mass. He became diabetic 1 yr later. He is now having a small pain, lasting 2 minutes, followed by 2 days of fever that started happening every 4 months but now happens twice a month. He has an endoscopy/colonoscopy on 10/25 and God only knows what they will find. Asking for healing prayers and zero cancer. Thank you.

Prayers for Frank!

David Grimsrud
I don't pray enough, but want to make sure Frank and my Fiancee are changing that! Prayers for you sir!

Family Illness

Rochelle Little
My son-in-law has been rushed to the hospital. He was not breathing. The Medics revived him and transported him to the hospital. He has stage 4 liver cancer that has spread to his lungs. Pray for my daughter as she is not stronng.

Need a Place to live

Eddie Ybarra
Dear Prayer Warriors, I am asking God for provisions on a place to live/ Room for rent In San Diego CA area as of Wed 09/22 I no longer have a room or funds to pay for a room. I ask God for strength and Peace and his Amazing Favor and provisions as I wait upon God to direct my paths! Thank You all In Advance!

Healing Prayers For Husband Bobby

LittleLion BigHeart
Please pray for my husband Bobby's complete healing and for him to be released from the hospital to return home soon. Thank you for your prayers! God bless you all!

Family Illness

Rochelle Little
My son-in-law has 4 stage liver cancer. Diagnosed almost 5 weeks ago and received no treatment. Also my 90 yr old has Covid and is not doing well at all.

Alcohol issue

Please join us in prayer for our son Eric. After 2 1/2 years of sobriety he has started drinking again and is spiraling downhill quickly. We ask that our Lord and Savior would drive out the demons that are haunting him and that he would never consider alcohol again as a means of comfort. May the Lord touch his heart and his mind this very evening

Prayers for Bill

Bill Poremba
Prayers for starting a new treatment, that will WORK

For Frank and Jan

Bill Poremba
Prayers all that we can give them. For being there for us!

Family Restoration

1)Restoration for my family-my three adult children do not speak to one another- please pray for a miracle of restoration; 2) some of my family got the C19 shot. 🙁 Please pray that "no weapon formed against them, my grandchildren or me shall prosper." Thank you so very much.


Jeannie anon
Please stand with me in prayer for complete healing from a July 2020 diagnoses of Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma (non small lung cancer) and March 2021 diagnoses of Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer). By Yeshua (Jesus) stripes I am healed and made whole. Glory & Honor to you Father Yahweh for you are faithful & true to all that you promise. In Yeshua's Holy name I pray, amen & amen!

I need god to help me

I am going through a trial and tribulation right now....god knows what i am going through. I ask that everyone keeps me in their prayers in order to help me get through this year and the current situation i am in. Thank you for praying for me...i ask god to keep the wolves away and part them from me. Amen Daniel

Prayers for Shane

Mellisa Simms
Please keep Shane in prayer, he has been diagnosed with Covid, he has Down syndrome and many health issues! He’s a special person with a heart of gold!! I pray he can make it through this !


My brother just died on thursday afternoon here in Canada. My Dad died March 25. Please pray for me and my family to get through this difficult time.

Healing Jay Stovall

Jeffrey Wagner
Return healthy to his family

Confused sexuality

Kristen moved in with her girlfriend and is very confused on her sexuality. Please bring god into her life so she can have the life god desires for her.

Doris Pina/Doripineapple has passed

Mary Dupre
Please pray for her soul & her family, Doris passed 10/07/20 of Cancer


Mervyn Sagucio
Greetings! My name is Mervyn. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this moment of my life. I appreciate it truly. I ask for mental and physical strength to carry out my new focus on life. I ask for you prayers to uplift my frequency to focus on learning to start my own community center for 2021. My visions have clear thought as I need to serve a calling for the needs of others. Primarily on life skills,IE how to change a tire, transport people to the center and back to their home safely without having to worry about a ride or a wheel chair accessible vehicle. I have a disabled mother and younger brother. My father is getting older. My older brother is figuring things out. I have been given these ideas through prayer and conversation to the Lord Almighty both Father and Mother. I ask the communities power of prayer to motivate me from where you are and I will hear it. I'm praying for you the reader that has selected me to pray for. I get chatty and type the way I speak. lol. I love this atmosphere. I've never thought i belong to one place of worship. This is the first big task the lord has called on me to do to fill the need of the community. I serve myself and my family and now that the job market has crashed, Me and my wife decided we can do this. Let start a community center for great conversation, teaching how to cook, wood shop, autoshop. I talk to myself alot when in reality I didnt realize I was talking to God at the same time. Either I was making myself laugh or he was lol. I know it was him who uplifted me up when I was sad and dark, We laughed together and it felt super good! I stopped hiding from him. I called for him and he answered. Oh gosh my heart is spinning as I type this. I was nervous to type this. But I'm happy just talking to yall and reading your forums of positive power. This prayer request turned into a mini testimony hahaha. Laughter purifies the air. Thank you for you time and just typing here I already feel more confident. Talk to yall later. Have a wonderful Everyday. Thank you KTFA Team. I will continue to pray hand in hand as we all will stand, In Jesus name we pray Amen. Love is Love. Your New Friend, Mervyn Sagucio, Username: The GreyGoose254

Classes Begin

Lynn Daniels
Pray for my studies as I begin Graduate School on Monday August 10th. My classes are designed for online so there is no health risk for me or anyone else, for which I am grateful. It has been a long time since I was in a formal learning setting so there will be some adjusting. There will be no travel time to or from classes and no distractions from campus events, so those aspects are a bonus. My prayer request is for my mind to be focused on my studies and not distracted with the health concerns of the day, the financial concerns due to the pandemic and the concerns of everyday living.

Sister in law

Carla Piearcy
My sister in law has Alztimers .She fell the 30th. and broke her hip.They did Surgery on the 31st. Then Informed her daughter that she had COVID. They put her on that floor and refuse to let ANYONE see her. I know she is confused as to where she is and why None of us are with her. Please Pray for her healing and to get her away from that hospital ! the Doctor is VERY hateful toward her family. Thank you .God bless.

Prayer for Anxiety

Please remember me in prayer as I'm really struggling with anxiety this year, and feeling unable to cope with life at the moment. Thank you.

Server pain in right arm

Jimmy Snyder
Could you please pray for my right arm. I can not move it at all , it has swollen up too.I have already claimed total healing in the name of Jesus Christ but God says when more than one come together then what ever we ask it shall be done Amen hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah. Thank you



Prayer for bad Thyroid issues and an autoimmune disease

Asking for complete healing from thyroid issues and an autoimmune disease as well. Thank you so much.

Need prayers

Bren anon
I fell & broke my ankle at work on the 8th of this month Im on crutches & might have to have surgery. Its very painful & it takes sev weeks to get workers comp started Praying I receive my check before my rent is due ? Anyways I really need all the prayers i can get for healing & help financially Thank you all so much in advance

Divine Direction

Robyn Bourbonnais
Would like a deeper understanding of God and the direction He is taking me. Witty ideas on how to minister to my adult children. Want to be in Gods perfect will in decisions concerning opening a womens home to help them that are in addiction that have no hope! Thank you for praying!


As I pray for the whole ktfa family I would like for someone strong to pray that God gives me wisdom and finances to take care of my family and others . Thank you and may God touch and bless you all Amen .

God have Mercy on the City of Minneapolis

Joseph anon
I just ask that people keep the people of Minneapolis Minnesota in prayer. They need Jesus of Nazareth so badly. Many people in that city are in great rebellion against Jesus. Many in that city do not really know Jesus in their personal lives. I ask that Jesus just flood your love, justice, mercy, power, spirit and sound mind into every home, apartment, business, government buildings, churches and even in other territories that are not set up by your people Jesus. I ask that people ask God to completely de throne confusion out of that city in Jesus Name. Amen.

Prayer for Daughter

Salvation, biblical understanding and follow Christ


I would like to request prayers for my mother. She will find out next week if she has to go on dialysis. I ask for your prayers that the results of her tests come back good and that dialysis isn't needed. Thank you all

Healing from 2 strokes for my husband

Karen Allen
My husband, Lee has had two strokes in the last few days. Yesterdays was the worst. We need his left eye sight healed, his mind restored and Lee being able to walk again freely. Thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated.


please pray for my good friend for Our Father's healing of breathing issues and all related issues . He Is Our Great Physician !!!

son fever

Deedee Perrymy son
My son Michael woke with sore throat this morning, now he is running a fever. Please pray that this is nothing is but just a simple virus.

My Son Chris

Catherine Moore
Family, please pray for my son Chris. He has a 2nd job interview today at 2 pm EDT. He really needs this job, or at least to find another job. Thank you so much prayer warriors


RMF anon
My 80 YO sis lives in Atlanta. Due to cancer she only has 1 lung. Really needs a hedge of Protection...for all of us.


Have extreme pain from late stage cancer.

for my granddaughter Elizabeth

Gretchen Paulsen
she had her 33rd birthday yesterday and was given cancer diagnosis of Lukemia which is not good. Chemo has alredy started and she will never have children My heart is breaking for her and we need heavy prayers especially for the next 30 days.

Prayer for Healing & Direction

Brenda anon
I have been doing alternative medicine for breast cancer. Losing a lot of weight and collapsed this weekend. Hit my chin and had to have stitches and broke 2 front teeth. I need prayer for support in guiding me which dentists will be the best for my situation. Also for weight gain and energy. Want to be here for the blessing. Have been hanging on and need finances to make it thru till the blessing. Not working now. Thank you prayer warriors for helping me. Brenda

Desperately need To Hear God's Voice for DIRECTION

ITS BEEN A LONG BATTLE!! TO establish my finances since a Mega Bitter divorce from my atheist ex husband and I've lost so many properties especially My Own HOME of 35 years and now The Home, I PRAYED WOULD BE RESCUED BY DINARS HASNT HAPPENED IN TIME AND MY HOME has been sold at Auction and I have til April 2020 to vacate!!!! 2020 WAS TO BE SUCH A FANTASTIC YEAR FOR CHRISTIANS!!! I HAVE REPEATEDLY REPENTED JUST IN CASE there was any unknown unconfessed sin But now all I'm doing now is looking to GOD FOR ANSWERS ESPECIALLY AS KIM CLEMENT'S prophecies SEALED IN MY SPIRIT TO FIGHT FOR TERRITORY!!! I have loved MIAMI SINCE I CAME @16 YEARS OLD AND FEEL A GREAT MOVE OF GOD IS SLATED TO BE HERE and it seems clear the devil is full out determined to evict me from MY BELOVED MIAMI !!! COMPLETELY!!!! PLEASE GOD SAVE MY HOME MIRACULOUSLY AND AS A WITNESS TO KIDS AND GRAND KIDS THAT GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYER DESPITE WHAT THEIR FATHER SAYS AGAINST MY FAITH AND MY GOD!!!!

For our marriage

My wife and I do not have a good marriage we are going for help but not sure if it’s helping please pray for us

rectol cancer

ron eldred
I have a fellow worker Tom Smith who was just told this, being treated with va in ann arbor
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

It is good to be in constant prayer rather than in constant worry. Open your heart and talk directly to God because that act alone is a special gift.

Philippians 4:6-7

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.