About Frank & Jan

Greetings! We are Frank and Jan Villa. I am known as FRANK26 on the website and my wife is known as TINK. Back in 2008 a handful of Christian men asked me to lead them with studies in a common investment. This is how KEEP THE FAITH ALWAYS was born. I agreed to teach on this subject under the conditions that I could also share about my FAITH in Jesus Christ. It has been a blessing for all these years to become family with so many that have joined our website/forum. God has brought us many gifted people to KTFA and we have been honored to work with them culminating in this wonderful website that you find yourself visiting today.

I have a background in Biology and a degree in Respiratory Therapy, with a deep love of the sciences. We also have a family restaurant that was established in 1968 and is the oldest Mexican Restaurant in the city of Toledo, Ohio. The street corner of our location was renamed in honor of my father Ezekiel Villa. We are proud to have contributed to the growth and economy of our city as a family.

It is our desire to serve the Kingdom of God in any way possible. If you are of the same mind, spend some time with us here at KTFA to get to know us. Reach out by posting on our forum and introduce yourself as we just did to you. I am the founder of KTFA but you are going to meet some amazing people here that are pillars among us. Please join our spirit of Christian love.

At my age I have learned that to be in constant thought with God is so important. We walk on this planet Earth surrounded by an atmosphere of temptation and sin. Constant prayer is the only solution that makes sense to me. It is our force field to repel the mission of Satan to kill you.

Where as God’s Mission is to bring you Jesus Christ for eternal salvation, not to kill you. Be in constant prayer because I find that to be a good thought.

I leave you with words from my heart by the Spirit.

It was nice to introduce myself to you and I want you to know that we are now friends for a lifetime as long as God keeps us on this Earth. But one day you and I will be saved by God’s Grace and be with God for an eternity. Yet, I do not find that an eternity will be long enough to be your friend. Thank you kindly for being my friend today.

God bless you all from my soul mate TINK and I. To you and yours…