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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Jos's cancer returned1January 17, 2018Details
Pray for Max6January 9, 2018Details
Prayer for repaired relationship4January 2, 2018Details
Violetta, infant3January 2, 2018Details
My Fiancé was in an accident4January 1, 2018Details
Pray for dad5December 27, 2017Details
lyla5December 21, 2017Details
Restoration of my marriage5December 21, 2017Details
Release little girl from environment 1December 16, 2017Details
David: suicide thoughts10December 10, 2017Details
Thanks / keep praying to have a baby7November 28, 2017Details
Wifes' Auto Immune System8November 10, 2017Details
Pray for friend 6November 9, 2017Details
Vision and peace4October 29, 2017Details
Dad put in hospice, we are so grateful for any prayers.5October 9, 2017Details
Untitled2October 3, 2017Details
Untitled1October 3, 2017Details
Texas needs your prayers8August 28, 2017Details
Mission Trip to Figi 7August 24, 2017Details
Help and strength for President Trump10August 18, 2017Details
Death8August 16, 2017Details
pray for a child 7August 16, 2017Details
Grandson 7August 9, 2017Details
TEST PRAYER WALL POST2August 9, 2017Details
Hearing4August 7, 2017Details
child5August 6, 2017Details
Untitled3August 6, 2017Details
Son in law with cancer10July 29, 2017Details
William (has Ankylosing Spondylitis)9July 27, 2017Details
Daughter/granddaughter6July 22, 2017Details
Please pray for my healing7July 19, 2017Details
miracle for Birungi 4July 13, 2017Details
Greatest Dad13June 16, 2017Details
Untitled12June 15, 2017Details
2nd year w/out my daughter17May 15, 2017Details
Restoration15April 30, 2017Details
MISSION TRIP TO CUBA21April 2, 2017Details
Emotional Healing19March 31, 2017Details
updaye18March 16, 2017Details
Desparate for a healing19March 14, 2017Details
Rhonda's passing13March 3, 2017Details
Rhonda's passing and family12March 3, 2017Details
running the race15March 2, 2017Details
Prayer for a Little Boy Please19March 1, 2017Details
Prays for Sister15March 1, 2017Details
Surgery19February 26, 2017Details
fight the good 24February 24, 2017Details
ELDERLY MISTREATED28February 23, 2017Details
My Sister and Family27February 17, 2017Details
New Job29February 11, 2017Details
Feeling hopeless38February 10, 2017Details
MISSIONS28February 8, 2017Details
Karen Wilson Update 1/31/1715January 31, 2017Details
Business to succeed28January 27, 2017Details
Healing28January 26, 2017Details
URGENT for Karen Wilson17January 26, 2017Details
MISSION TRIP TO BANCOCK35January 24, 2017Details
Really in need of prayers42January 9, 2017Details
Closings37January 5, 2017Details
Prayers for Alex31January 5, 2017Details

Jos's cancer returned

Tim wilkerson
I prayed for my 25 year old mail carrier a year ago when learned she was going through i work out of town...i shaved my head amd sent her a picture and a lock of it....6 months later her doctor decllared her cancer it is back and has spread throughout the body instead of being just breast cancer....the doctors sent her home to die...she asked me Not to pray for her(fat chance).....i would like to enlist those who can and will pray that her cancer leave her never to return.....We can drive this out and let her live .....she wants children, she would make a great only is good,,,,more is a further blessing Join with me and we will drive it out again

Pray for Max

Shelley Hartmann
Please hold my family in prayer my mom passed a week before Christmas my dad has lost his life long companion of 65 years. Pray peace and protection and salvation. Help us through the grief

Prayer for repaired relationship

Eugene Cross
I am in need of prayer to repair the relationship between my oldest daughter (Danielle) and my wife (Dee). They have not spoken in a year over something that happened in December of 2016 and I have not seen her nor my grandson since. Although Danielle is not her biological daughter there was a bond at one time and I want my family back in tact which includes my oldest daughter, my grandson, my 3 kids with my wife, as well as my wife. I am in desperate need of prayer to heal this bond.

Violetta, infant

abeliever anon
Please pray for Violetta, who is less than 2 months old & was born with a neurological problem. I do not have any other details, but will post them when I get them. Meantime, she is the great, great, niece of a dear friend of mine. Appreciate all prayers that this condition will be resolved without surgery in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you family. God bless you all.

My Fiancé was in an accident

Catherine (caramo) Moore
My fiancé, Jones, is in Nigeria with his son, Kelvin. They were on a bus to the airport and they were hit by a truck. Jones has ligament damage to one knee the other knee is dislocated. Kelvin has a concussion. Please pray for their healing and a safe return home. They also paid for their airline tickets and Pray that they will be able to still use them. Thank you all of you prayers warriors.

Pray for dad

Eugene` Cross
Asking prayer for my dad who has been dealing with a blood disorder that makes his white blood cells go high. He has been in the hospital for a month now and has had difficulties with his dialysis port which has been infected about 3 times causing him to get a staph infection and just recently got the shingles. They had to put a temp feeding tube in him cause he was too weak to eat. Praying for total complete healing and a sound mind!


bill09 anon
please pray for my cousins son and daughter in law as their 9 week old daughter went to heaven at 7 p.m. at louisville ky last night. she fought hard but the lord took her home.

Restoration of my marriage

I pray for restoration for what the devil has stolen from me. My marriage, my finances, and my good name.

Release little girl from environment

In 2011 a precious little girl was born in prison to a mother on drugs. We raised her till she was 4 where we went to court to get full custody. The grandmother was back n forth involved in the child- she too involved in pain mess and drinking . When we went to court, dispute clear evidence and witnesses the judge granted the grandmother custody and the child who was very happy was removed from us. -age 4. A new family has become involved with the child for two years. Seeing progressive of the neglect, abuse, drinking, drugs the grandmother is involved with. This family are fighting not to protect and provide for this child. Biological mother has recently died of drug overdose. Pray for complete release of this child from the evil grip of addiction,control, abuse . Quickly.

David: suicide thoughts

abeliever anon
Carol & Gene's son, David. He lives alone & has suffered depression & anxiety for many years. Please pray that any thoughts of suicide leave his mind. Father God, bring David the presence of Your love & let him feel Your grace & mercy to drive away the enemy attacking his mind. We ask it in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Thanks / keep praying to have a baby

Dawn West
Thanks for the previous prayers for my son Colin and His wife Stacy. They are having a hard time conceiving a child. Pray for God's perfect timing.

Wifes' Auto Immune System

Neal Diamond
My wife Margaret has Ulcerative Colitis. It is being controlled by drugs, but causes inflamation in her body. As a result she has joint pain and is currently suffering from heal pain and a bakers cyst. Please pay for complete healing.

Pray for friend

Raptor anon
My friend Chris, retired US Army, is struggling with Bi-Polar Depression. Pray for healing for Chris and his family. Thank you.

Vision and peace

Matthew Stahlecker
My wife and I we’re betrayed by business partner that we thought was equally yoked in our faith. Yes, we could legally retaliate, but we Made a covenant with God to perform our business duties in accordance to HIS will. We brought it up within the law and with humble hearts, we will bring it down the same. And even though we have every legal right to sue and to probably bring legal charges on our betrayer, it is not right. Vengeance is God’s, not ours... and we are very comfortable with this decision. The hurdle is that we just found that our nephew (32 yrs old) over dosed on synthetic heroine the day he left his self imposed addiction recovery confinement. Now we are going to have to attend his memorial service... we know that God is in charge, and he will not give us more than we can bare, but both of us would really like to hear the comfort and love in the voice of our Lord as we navigate these rough waters. God bless you all and thanks for the prayers in advance. I have been a very quiet observer for some time, but now need to break my silence and reach out to the saints for your prayers. God bless you all. Matthew

Dad put in hospice, we are so grateful for any prayers.

JonIrv anon
My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 3/8/2016 and given 6 months w/ no hope. He loves life and is so involved with his 6 grandchildren that adore him, He wants a little longer to watch the grandchildren grow. We found a trial and he went from being riddled with cancer down to two spots left. The problem is the treatment has made him too sick to continue treatment. Hospice was brought in and they got his pain under control and he told the doctor he still wants to fight since they are able to control pain. His doctor said if it’s not just coincidence and if the pain is still being managed in a month and he is stronger he will remove him from hospice and start another treatment round. I pray that he doesn’t have to be in pain and I know he will be going to be with our Heavenly Father but I really, really would love to see him given more quality time here with his family that loves him so much. I pray for my mom, his high school sweetheart and wife of 40+ years, and the rest of his family and friends to give us the strength to support and be there for him. Thank you for and and all prayers, his name is Gary


Shay anon


anon anon

Texas needs your prayers

Tonia White
Hi, I live in Houston Texas. I would like to ask for special prayers for Houston. This hurricane/tropical storm has really hit us hard. It is raining and they are calling for more rain all week. Please keep us in your prayers. I have been blessed so far. Where I live there hasn't been flooding and we still have power. But there are a lot of people without today. I pray that GOD puts out his hand and puts the storm to bed and protection for everyone here.

Mission Trip to Figi

Britt an Brad Henderson Pastor Harris an.Kaye
Many Souls

Help and strength for President Trump

Sherry Griner
Prayers that evil will not prevail that Trump will have support, health and God's guidance needed to save our country.


Dawn West
Please pray for the family and friends of John who is showing no signs of brain activity - Wednesday, they will turn off life support.

pray for a child

Dawn West
Please pray for my son and his wife to conceive a child.


After deep depression my grandson decided he is gay. It's a satanic lie and attack please agree with me in prayer that God will set him free. My heart hurts over what this young man has been through in his life. Thank you so much for caring enough to pray with me




dusti anon
Please pray for my daughter's friend who just lost his father. Thank you


Please say a prayer,that how do I say this,found out recent that my hear for last i don't know yrs has decklined,and now have to wear in hearing aides in both ears,asking for prayer that they don't keep declining,to not to hear Gods creatures would hurt me,sounds of birds,children playing.I don't think I could deal with that.


Dawn anon
Prayers for Colin & Stacy to be able to conceive a child.


Dawn anon

Son in law with cancer

Sue Doss
God grant me the strength to care for this patient being sent home today with limited Hospice who has less than 30 days according g totbedoctors, not my physician in heaven. I am do pray if his passing is Gods will he will not letq him suffer. Never been active on KTFAlways but have listened to calls for six years. I go for yawn

William (has Ankylosing Spondylitis)

My son has (AS) Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease that has him in much pain. It is an autoimmune disease & is arthritis related.... just worse. This AS Disease is causing his spine (back & neck) to fuse & he also has other joint pains, a heart condition, breathing problems, anxiety & depression. He can't sit long, nor stand long & has trouble sleeping. He rarely tells anyone how much he is suffering & tries to hide it from neighbors & friends. There is no known cure for this disease so he really needs prayer. Thank you so much.


I am requesting more prayer regarding losing my daughter and granddaughter in April 2016. It was an awful experience and family argument because I witnessed my son in law sitting at home and not work or contribute to his family for 5 yrs. My daughter has an amazing job and carries the full financial burden. I could not watch him disrespect & take advantage of her. Because I drew the line in the sand, I am suffering her decision of not speaking to me and taking my granddaughter away from me, after I was the sole care provider for her first 3 years. My heart hurts deeply and its a daily unbearable challenge dealing with this grief.

Please pray for my healing

bondservant888 anon
I have a red lump on my back and it was bleeding last night, and discolored mottled red skin on my right side stomach over my ribs under my breast. I don't know what they are and I dont' have the money to go see a doctor. Please pray God will heal me of whatever it is and/or give me the money to go find out what is happening. Thank you.

miracle for Birungi

Need prayer for Birungi in Uganda -she has a huge face tumor that involves her eye. We have not been able to find a way to get her to Kenya or to a mercy ship because they are in dry dock for surgery to save her life. PLEASE pray for this beautiful young girl

Greatest Dad

My Dad has stage 4 esophagus cancer. We were recently blessed with some good news about improvements from his latest scan. However he physically feels so sick and hasn't been able to eat since October. Please pray to help ease his constant pain so he might be able to enjoy the recent good news.


my husband is sick and in pain please pray for him. I also have a friend who is in the hospital with a heart problem

2nd year w/out my daughter

Beverly DeShazo
My daughter & I had a falling out May, 2016. This srarts year 2 of not having my daughter OR my granddaughter in my life. I've apologized and reached out to her to no avail. Please pray for my daughters heart to be softened and welcome back into their lives. Much gratitude and blessings!


Please pray for total and complete restoration of my walk with Jesus.


Mary anon

Emotional Healing

Wendy Libby
Coping with loss for my children and self


kenneth de mondragon
To my praying family at KTFA. Thank you for continuing to pray for my wife Theresa. As of this morning she feels no lumps in her breast only the metal clip the dr injected. The Holy Spirit is manifesting her deliverance from cancer. Last night she felt tingling on both breasts. Dr Garland has put her on a strict diet which I also joined. Our Father has done so much in the last couple weeks it would really light a fire of faith on you. Thank You again for your love and continued prayers. We know that we will get a cancer free report from the dr's with no surgery and drugs needed. I'm so happy to have my wife back.

Desparate for a healing

Tonia White
Hi, I'm not sure how to word this. But a few months ago I was injured. Progressively over time it became harder and to walk. My legs began to swell and feel numb and weak. I finally broke down and went to the Dr. I don't think they know what is wrong. Now I can barely walk. And have to be helped to walk. But I know that when it feels hopeless and impossible that the Lord says all things are possible to those who believe. And by his stripes I am healed. I'm holding strong to those promises. And I'm asking for your prayers.

Rhonda's passing

Please help me offer up praise and gratitude to our Lord for answered prayer as Rhonda's passing today was in the presence of her loving husband,mother, aunt and uncle. Please help me continue to pray for her loved ones as they continue to grieve her loss and look for new meaning in their lives. Amen

Rhonda's passing and family

I ask for Peace for Rhonda as she transitions from this life to the next and peace, comfort, and faith for her husband and family members .

running the race

kenneth de mondragon
Hello Family. Last Friday I request prayer for my wife. She meets with the surgeon tomorrow and the treatment specialist Monday, but one lump in her breast is gone and the other is shrinking. I know with all my heart we will be a powerful testimony to our Lords love, willingness and power to heal. Thank you for your continued prayers. I will keep you updated.

Prayer for a Little Boy Please

I just received a message from a friend asking for prayers for a little boy named Dakota. He is having seizures and required life flight. That's all I know at this time. Thanks in advance for prayers!!

Prays for Sister

I like prays for sister she still going thru a rough time from her divorce to finding a better paying job, where she can pay her debt down. prays that she can slept and prayers to cast out the demons that holding back her faith........thanks JC


fsboco is having colon surgery Monday 2.27.17 grateful for all prayers.

fight the good

kenneth de mondragon
my wife Theresa was diagnosed with breast cancer 1hr ago. lymph nodes are clean. She is healed and satan is trying to take her health away. we refuse to fear we are strong in the Lord. We desire your power of agreement. God will get the glory. Thank You family for standing praying and fighting with us. We love you.



My Sister and Family

Continued faith, comfort, peace, and strength while they continue to morn the loss of their son Officer Michael Louivierre who was shot in the line of duty.

New Job

I am asking for prayers that I pass the tests for a new job on Monday and get offered the job.

Feeling hopeless

Tonia White
We are in the hardest times we've been in so far. We are on the verge of losing our home. We have tried every way we can think of to get the money we need. We need help in the worse way. I am disabled. And live on a fixed income. Your prayers are very much needed.


MARY anon

Karen Wilson Update 1/31/17

abeliever anon
Karen Wilson remains in the hospital (see previous prayer wall request of 1/26). She has a serious Gall Bladder infection. Once that & other issues are clearly resolved, then she will have a Heart Triple Bypass & the removal of her Gall Bladder. I will post again when I get an update. Her adult children & grandchildren thank you for all prayers. God bless you KTFA family.

Business to succeed

That I may receive good material to recycle that runs well with customer satisfaction. That the equipment stops needing daily repairs, the material isn't contaminated, and that it runs well. I ask for God's favor and not silence and indifference.


Please pray for my daughter Ann-Isabel that is overcome lately by sadness Thank you

URGENT for Karen Wilson

abeliever anon
Karen Wilson who is a friend's mom & was rushed to the hospital in bad shape. The doctors are working to stabilize her. She needs a Triple Bypass Heart Surgery & the removal of her Gall Bladder. I will post again when I get an update. Thank you KTFA family.


Mary anon

Really in need of prayers

Michael Blauvelt
Hello...I am new to this site. Hello Frank...I spoke with you Friday evening on the phone when you were in the basement of your restaurant. I am and have been struggling very bad for over 5 years now. I don't have time to go into all of the details right now but I will later when I have more time. In the meantime I would appreciate any prayers I can get. Thanks.


I am requesting prayers to see completion of 3 closings within the next 45 days, so my obligations can be met without default. For this I give thanks. And so it is!

Prayers for Alex

A close friend of mine is asking prayer for her nephew Alex Hutchings, he is a 14 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and is not doing well at All Children's Hospital in Florida. They family is in desperate need of a miracle!! God specializes in Miracles!!
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

It is good to be in constant prayer rather than in constant worry. Open your heart and talk directly to God because that act alone is a special gift.

Philippians 4:6-7

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.